Dingleberry Peak: Poems of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks 

This anthology chapbook contains 19 poems by 14 poets and 2 drawings by Meg G. Freyermuth 

The Poets (in order of appearance): Chuck Harper, Johnny Huerta, Arriana Gutierrez, Frank Varela, Neil Slevin, Martin Willitts Jr., Gerry Stork, Meg G. Freyermuth, Anna Moya Underwood, Marta Hargett Scott, Hilario Bustamonte, Heather Rische, Dick Thomas & Joe Somoza

Dimensions: 3 3/8th inches by 5 inches

Order now while supplies last:

DINGLEBERRY PEAK: Poems of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks ~ $5.00

dingleberry cover

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Here’s a look inside the first 3 pages:

dingleberry page 1dingleberry page 2 and 3



The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument turned 2 on May 21, 2016. To commemorate this birthday Grandma Moses Press presents DINGLEBERRY PEAK: an anthology of poems celebrating the Organ Mountains.

The funniest peak in the Organ Mountains is Dingleberry Peak. How was it named? I asked an ant and she kept on walking. I asked a skunk and he said he was running late for a picnic in The Narrows. I didn’t ask the rocks.

I’m thankful to Meg G. Freyermuth for her honest drawings of Dingleberry Peak, and I’m thankful to the 14 poets who contributed to this anthology. I’m excited for you to read these poems that celebrate our mountains. I advise you to go outside to read them. Find some shade if you can. Wear a bandanna over your mouth if the dust is blowing. You’ve seen the Organs, now see them from the inside out.

Tim Staley

Las Cruces, NM May 2016

Here are some pictures from the Dingleberry Peak Reading which happened at the Southwest Environmental Center in Las Cruces on May 21, 2016, the two year anniversary of the OMDP National Monument. (from left to right: Arriana Gutierrez,  Gerrt Stork, Meg G. Freyermuth,Joe Somoza, Tim Staley, Marta Hargett Scott, crowd)



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