Grandma Moses Press is a poetry high ground. 

We’ve been publishing poetry on paper since 1992.

Headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico,

we specialize in chapbooks that are smaller

than quarter size (3 3/8″ X 5″).

Our chapbooks are printed in runs of 75.

Each book is assembled and numbered by hand.

We also publish perfect bound books.

We haven’t quit our day jobs.

Above all, we believe in the fellowship of poets.

Here is an interview with GMP done by Entropy Magazine (10.24.17)

Poets we love: Robery Bly, Sean Branson, Charles Bukowski, Sara Cooper, Subhankar Das, Russell Edson, Joaquin Fore, Paul Celan, Mira Gonzalez, Hermann Hesse, Tony Hoagland, Jon Huerta, Richard Hugo, Lisa Jarnot, Patrick Lawler, Philip Levine, Catfish McDaris, Ron Padgett, Sylvia Plath, Kevin Ridgeway, Mary Ruefle,  Joe Somoza, Charles Simic, Joe Speer, James Tate, Connie Voisine, Lewis Warsh and Kathleene West.



Poetry Editor and Publisher:
Tim Staley

Associate Editor: Wynda Kellaway

Artist in Residence: Tim Staley

Intern: Bradley Curtis

Contact: grandmamosespress@gmail.com



  1. So this is what you call yourself. Nice!

  2. Maxine Vickers · · Reply

    Is it possible to get copies of poetry by Jim Nye”Eating the Ashes”?

    1. Sorry about the delay in replying, you can buy the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Eating-Ashes-Jim-Nye/dp/1542859239

      If you have any questions please contact grandmamosespress@gmail.com

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