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A poem from The Sickness Suite

THE TRANSPLANT I wasn’t looking for a liver or thinking about livers, I was looking for a Texas Crescent, a Cloudless Sulphur, a Tropical Checkered Skipper, or even a measly old Monarch, but that day the butterflies weren’t presenting in the Butterfly Garden. I looked in every spider web. I found a fountain that was […]

The Sickness Suite now available for purchase!

Tim Staley’s The Sickness Suite is now available!!! $5.00  

Advance praise for Tim Staley’s new chapbook THE SICKNESS SUITE

“The crazy, surreal images, gallows humor, and juxtaposing of parts work really well for the subject matter.  And the poems stay rhythmic and interesting, sometimes sounding like rock songs.  The little drawings add to the tone too.”             – Joe Somoza Joe’s profile at Cinco Puntos Press “The size of Staley’s collection belies the breadth of […]

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