We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: Jeffrey Kingman. We hope you enjoy this poem as much as we did. The Traveling Voice Give me a shout if you need to warn me that I’m about to crash. Or if you’re leaning on the ship’s railing and I’m on the quay. Or if […]

We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: E. Kristen Anderson. We hope you enjoy these two Nintendo Power erasure poems as much as we did.   WIND WHIPS THROUGH   Straightaway you choose this first course, a super stretch inside this slowing bee-line.   Over the water, your eyes watch the ice, […]

We have decided to start publishing full length poetry collections in addition to our little chapbooks. In the fall we will publish ACID & MENUDO, a debut full length colleciton by Johnny Huerta. We beleive Huerta is one of the greatest folk poets writing in America today, stay tuned for updates.

Dingleberry Peak: Poems of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks  This anthology chapbook contains 19 poems by 14 poets and 2 drawings by Meg G. Freyermuth  The Poets (in order of appearance): Chuck Harper, Johnny Huerta, Arriana Gutierrez, Frank Varela, Neil Slevin, Martin Willitts Jr., Gerry Stork, Meg G. Freyermuth, Anna Moya Underwood, Marta Hargett Scott, Hilario Bustamonte, Heather Rische, Dick Thomas […]

We are pleased to release WAIST OF TIME, a chapbook of poems by Gerry Stork and drawings by Helen Stork. Order now while supplies last: WAIST OF TIME ~ By Gerry Stork ~ $5.00 Free Shipping on all US orders: Here’s a look inside the first three pages:   Gerry Stork splits his time between […]

Being the man behind Grandma Moses Press is like being a fighter pilot. There’s lots of sitting around picking your butt and then BOOM — you’re chopping poetry chapbooks by Gerry Stork out of the clear blue sky.  It’s been ten months since we’ve released a chapbook. Moments opened and closed all day long, all […]