We’re pleased to announce–Johnny Huerta’s cult-classic chapbook POSOLE WITH BENEFITS–now available in its second edition! POSOLE with BENEFITS (2nd ed.) ~ By Johnny Huerta ~ $5.00 This chapbook contains 56 poems, 3 moonshine recipes, and 6 drawings Dimensions: 3 3/8ths inches by 5 inches please note: this chapbook is no longer green   Here is […]

AVAILABLE NOW: Duncan Canal, Alaska by Gayle Lauradunn. This is a chapbook-length poem set in 1960’s Alaska. Lauradunn’s lines are taut and charged with sex and bears in a place “where mist and pine cones drip”. DUNCAN CANAL, ALASKA ~ By Gayle Lauradunn~ $5.00 This chapbook contains 1 poem in 14 parts and 4 drawings […]

Grandma Moses Press is thrilled to announce the release of THUNDERSNOW by Joey Nicoletti. We just love Nicoletti’s ear. This is 146 pages of pure fantastic. THUNDERSNOW by Joey Nicoletti ~ $14.00 ~ from page 65: Sci-Fi Film Synopsis A scientist keeps an evil tycoon’s brain alive in the lab and it slowly takes over […]

POETRY REVIEW: I’m Sorry For Everything In The Whole Entire Universe by Kyle Flak Look at that title up there. Should Mr. Flak have included the word “whole” and the word “entire”? The academy, by way of Coleridge, would say no. Mr. Flak knows how to not give a shit correctly. Poem after poem he deflates […]

Grandma Moses Press loves war poetry. We love the life and death of it. We are honored to publish this sophmore collection of Vietnam War poems by Jim Nye. Here’s 2 poems from the collection. EATING the ASHES by Jim Nye ~ $15.00 ISBN-10: 1542859239 ISBN-13: 978-1542859233 Dimensions: 6 x 0.2 x 9 inches

  On February 23, 2017, the Spirit of La Mancha dropped down from the boughs of the great cottonwood on the west bank of the Lower Rio Grande. Goose pimples rose as folk poet Johnny Huerta took us on a trip of madness, excess & bolo-tied atonement. Acid & Menudo was served to everyone with […]

The circus is in town. One night only. Mr. Johnny Huerta, live and in person, for the first time ever in Las Cruces. Thursday, February 23, 7:30 PM, Art Obscura, Mesilla Park, New Mexico. Tim Staley and Danny Graves will provide support. Mr. Huerta’s debut collection of poetry will be on sale for 14$, cash, […]