We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: Richard J. Heby.
We hope you enjoy these 2 sonnets as much as we did.

fucking December
It is funny that Christmas is in Spring,
in some countries. They drink eggnog?
Who are they? Exactly.

I refuse to tell you the whole story,
because it is my fault that you don’t get it
and this doesn’t make sense

and somewhere
in the winter
we are writing sonnets
that don’t rhyme
and we don’t know why
or who
we are.

This is about December.


fucking September
The last rose of September is my grandmother.
That is what my Papa always said.
He never remarried
until he remarried Granny Val.

I tried speaking about Granny Val,

who I think died in September –
remembering her for all the funny things
and great times we had when she was around.

She was always lively.
I think she’d given up.
I don’t think she had much family. Besides us,
who weren’t even blood, there were those in Texas.

I wanted to laugh and remember her.
Only Uncle Tony went to her Funeral.


Richard J. Heby is a published writer and poet and the founding editor of Beechwood Review, featuring minimalist writing & art.


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