We are excited to announce our next project is Florida Man by Mickey J. Corrigan.

Ya’ll are gonna like the poems in this chapbook!

Here’s a sample poem and some info about the poet:

Florida Man Goes On Honeymoon On Stolen Yacht

Hurricane Irma hit hard
in the Florida Keys.
Florida Man
got hit hard. 

Florida Man
got tired
of the hits
of the mess
the struggle
to wade out.

Florida Man
quit his job, his woman
quit her work
and they kayaked
to a boat
left behind
at the southern point
of the harbor
Little Torch Key.

A 40-foot catamaran
after the storm.

Florida Man
and his woman
escaped their troubles
for the free life
on a boat
to the Bahamas.

On the high seas
Florida Man
got tossed
off course

On the high seas
the boat’s
legal owner
announced the loss
on social media

Florida Man
adapted to circumstances
took his woman
on a little honeymoon:

Moored offshore
Florida Man
and his woman
escaped their troubles
for the free life
on a boat
they were apprehended
by Cuban authorities.

After six months
in a Cuban jail
Florida Man
and his woman
to Florida,
by the US
Coast Guard
for conspiracy
to transport a vessel
for foreign commerce.

Florida Man
wonders why
a honeymoon
is the same as
foreign commerce.



Originally from Boston, Mickey J. Corrigan lives in South Florida and writes noir with a dark humor. Books have been released by publishers in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. Project XX, a satirical crime novel, was published by Salt Publishing in the UK. What I Did for Love, a spoof of Lolita, was released in 2019 by Bloodhound Books UK. Poetry chapbooks include The Art of Bars about drinking and sleazing (Finishing Line Press) and Days’ End about a fictional suicide parlor (Main Street Rag).

One comment

  1. After 40+ years of marriage, I can say that it’s the honeymoon that defines the relationship. Ours lasted six months without jail time–the honeymoon that is–not the marriage. I’ll be on the lookout for the chapbook.

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