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Scenes from the Acid & Menudo release bash

  On February 23, 2017, the Spirit of La Mancha dropped down from the boughs of the great cottonwood on the west bank of the Lower Rio Grande. Goose pimples rose as folk poet Johnny Huerta took us on a trip of madness, excess & bolo-tied atonement. Acid & Menudo was served to everyone with […]


The circus is in town. One night only. Mr. Johnny Huerta, live and in person, for the first time ever in Las Cruces. Thursday, February 23, 7:30 PM, Art Obscura, Mesilla Park, New Mexico. Tim Staley and Danny Graves will provide support. Mr. Huerta’s debut collection of poetry will be on sale for 14$, cash, […]

3 new poems from joey nicoletti

Grandma Moses Press will be publishing Joey Nicoletti’s THUNDERSNOW later this year. Three of his poems were just picked up by Peacock Journal, check it out. 


Attention Huerta fans, The preorder is now over. Thanks for your patience. All who preordered will receive a limited edition print of the cover and a signed copy of Johnny Huerta’s debut collection ACID & MENUDO. We’re in the final stages of proofing this book. We don’t want to make the mash before we build […]

ACID & MENUDO Preorder Sale

ACID & MENUDO Preorder Sale  $20.00 (We’re sorry preorder is now over) With your 20$ purchase you will receive one signed copy of Acid & Menudo upon publication. The first 20 preorders will also receive one limited edition print of the cover art by Coy Hassell. Johnny Huerta’s debut collection is over 160 pages. It […]


We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: Vivian Wagner. We hope you enjoy these 3 poems as much as we did. On Doing Yoga in the Basement of the United Methodist Church on High Street   The peeling Thomas Kinkade border, with its fairy tale houses lit from within, has a certain prana, as does […]

POET TO NOTICE: Bradford Middleton

We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: Bradford Middleton. We hope you enjoy these 3 poems as much as we did. DREAMING OF SLEEPING I’m tired, just so damn tired and it seems to be lasting forever or at least the last few months as life shoots darts at my heart and I […]

POET TO NOTICE: Jeffrey Kingman

We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: Jeffrey Kingman. We hope you enjoy this poem as much as we did. The Traveling Voice Give me a shout if you need to warn me that I’m about to crash. Or if you’re leaning on the ship’s railing and I’m on the quay. Or if […]

POET TO NOTICE: E. Kristin Anderson

We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: E. Kristen Anderson. We hope you enjoy these two Nintendo Power erasure poems as much as we did.   WIND WHIPS THROUGH   Straightaway you choose this first course, a super stretch inside this slowing bee-line.   Over the water, your eyes watch the ice, […]


We have decided to start publishing full length poetry collections in addition to our little chapbooks. In the fall we will publish ACID & MENUDO, a debut full length colleciton by Johnny Huerta. We beleive Huerta is one of the greatest folk poets writing in America today, stay tuned for updates.