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POETRY REVIEW: I’m Sorry For Everything In The Whole Entire Universe by Kyle Flak

POETRY REVIEW: I’m Sorry For Everything In The Whole Entire Universe by Kyle Flak Look at that title up there. Should Mr. Flak have included the word “whole” and the word “entire”? The academy, by way of Coleridge, would say no. Mr. Flak knows how to not give a shit correctly. Poem after poem he deflates […]

Introducing Antionette Nena Villamil with a poem

We will be publishing Antionette Nena Villamil‘s chapbook God Damned Mouth this summer. Here’s a poem from the new collection to get you pumped: And With Spring, Relief You’re asleep but not oblivious. I’m awake, coiled into myself, a rattlesnake in hibernation. You’re full of red wine and half truths, I’m an empty belly of […]

Joaquin Fore’s PARITY

Grandma Moses Press is happy to announce that the proof is in the author’s hands. We will be doing an initial micro run of 75 copies. One of the copies will be 30 feet by 60 feet and will float over various parts of the country via hot air and homemade tether rig. The other […]