Advance praise for Tim Staley’s new chapbook THE SICKNESS SUITE

“The crazy, surreal images, gallows humor, and juxtaposing of parts work really well for the subject matter.  And the poems stay rhythmic and interesting, sometimes sounding like rock songs.  The little drawings add to the tone too.”             – Joe Somoza

Joe’s profile at Cinco Puntos Press

“The size of Staley’s collection belies the breadth of its scope and its brilliance in allusion, concision of language, originality of image, and unity in both tone and subject matter.  Few artists, literary or otherwise, can, in only a few carefully crafted pages, capture and convey the heart-rending essence of what he and his wife experienced with their lovely child.  I honestly cannot recall reading in many years such a strong and well-crafted chapbook of poems. Staley has “spoken” not only for himself, his wife, and his child but also for countless other couples who have undergone and are undergoing this frightening experience (of organ transplantation).  And Staley has done so with impeccable artistry, courage, and rare emotional honesty.”                         – Larry D. Thomas

Larry D Thomas’ website

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