GOD DAMNED MOUTH by Antoinette Nena Villamil available now!!!!

We are pleased to release GOD DAMNED MOUTH, a debut poetry chapbook by Antoinette Nena Villamil.

Order now while supplies last:

GOD DAMNED MOUTH ~ By Antoinette Nena Villamil ~ $5.00


Free shipping on all US orders:btn_buynow_SM

Here’s a look inside the first three pages:

cover0002 cover0003



Antoinette Nena Villamil holds an MFA in Poetry from New Mexico State University. Her work has appeared in New Mexico Poetry Review,  Yoga and Total Health Magazine, and inter-rupture. She teaches creative writing, most recently at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and manages Durham Editors, an online editing service. Antoinette spends her ever diminishing free time reading, hiking, and chasing after her toddler (who chases after her cat.)

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