Gerry Stork’s WAIST OF TIME Available May 12

Being the man behind Grandma Moses Press is like being a fighter pilot. There’s lots of sitting around picking your butt and then BOOM — you’re chopping poetry chapbooks by Gerry Stork out of the clear blue sky.  It’s been ten months since we’ve released a chapbook. Moments opened and closed all day long, all night too. Some moments press poetry into the world. Gerry Stork is in my writing group. We meet twice a month in living rooms and workshop eachother’s poems. This is healthy. Our poems are passed around like hawks temporarily paralyzed, ready to jerk alive before our eyes. I’ve always appreciated Gerry’s work, so soon I share it with you. This is the first time we’ve gone with an outside artist, and we’re happy to feature the drawings of Helen Stork on the cover and inside. Waist of Time by Gerry Stork will be available in our online store on May 12, 2016.


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