74DE597E-88C4-4E3E-B580-1FB22E79F287As a small poetry press that focuses on handmade chapbooks, real excitement doesn’t come often. It’s too expensive. There are times though when projects get close to market. Times when the shelves of City Lights start to lean toward the Southern New Mexican desert in anticipation of a new Grandma Moses Press title. Times when I ask the poet what bright color they want their cover to be.

As a publisher and editor I have never once set out to waste your time. Never once have I tried to offer something shoddy or fake or boring. FACTORY GLOBE by Jamie O’Connell is the most nontraditional verse we’ve ever stood behind and that’s exciting. When you end up getting your hands on this handsome collection, surround yourself with plastic and read it in one sitting. It works, I prominse. Stay tuned….we are in the final stages…

Here’s the proof:

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