It’s easier to teach

Pigs hygiene,

Elephants aerobics,

Birds jogging lessons,

And snakes posture

Than make certain racists

Realize they only know

A rivulet’s worth of people,

And that’s what invalidates

Their ocean-wide evaluations

Of all humanity.

by Bob McNeil
 © 2021


Adynaton is a figure of speech in the form of hyperbole taken to such extreme lengths as to insinuate a complete impossibility: "I will sooner have a beard grow in the palm of my hand than he shall get one on his cheek."


  1. Excellent, well put! I believe that racist do travel in small crowds. Problem is they make alot of noise. Unity of love for all is my motto…

  2. jefffromohio · · Reply

    So much truth in so few words. Bravo, Bob McNeil.

  3. jennymiddletonuk · · Reply

    Bob McNeil’s poem ‘Adynaton’ delivers a strong anti-racist message and shows the collective strength of humanity to stand together and protest against injustice.

  4. gordthepoet · · Reply

    This piece is poignant, to the point, not to mention factual. Kudos Mr. Bob McNeil on yet another great piece!

  5. I love how short and to the point it is. Those are the ones that seem to hit the hardest. Very well said, Bob.

  6. D L Key · · Reply

    Pigs hygeine, elephants aerobics, birds jogging….Bob McNeil really drives home the point in “Adynaton”. Bob’s gift helps me to think on different angles. I’m a fan.

  7. Gianni Shamari · · Reply

    Some people need to see things from a different perspective so they can gain new insight into solving problems and treating others with respect. Great work, Bob!

  8. tranquilityzen1963yahoocom · · Reply

    Bob is a master of knowing people. He always delights

  9. Dr. Robert Beechinor · · Reply

    Bob has a vast knowledge of words, people and truth, and through his poetry he’s not afraid to conjure up a magician’s reality for the reader, truer than true

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