POET TO NOTICE: E. Kristin Anderson

We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: E. Kristen Anderson.
We hope you enjoy these two Nintendo Power erasure poems as much as we did.




Straightaway you choose this first course,

a super stretch inside this slowing bee-line.


Over the water, your eyes watch the ice,

the way out, following time overshoot the ocean.


On this narrow line, steer rough. Hit rough.

Straightaway in the crowd, shoot silence.


The curves, easy through the littered center,

move on and qualify.

Source material: “F-Zero.” Nintendo Power, Volume 29, October 1991, pages 12-13.




Never go inside the mountains.


Stay on the elevator.


Jump, control, survive.


You’ll face this search

in the presence of coal piles.




They’ll leave, down, out,

straight up.


Approach a chance.


Stay here a moment

and take the box you break.


On the other side, you wait.


Try a star.




Source material: “Batman: Return of the Joker” by The Editors. Nintendo Power, Volume 31: December 1991, pages14-15.


E. Kristin Anderson is a multi-Pushcart-nominated poet and author who grew up in Westbrook, Maine and is a graduate of Connecticut College. She has a fancy diploma that says “B.A. in Classics,” which makes her sound smart but has not helped her get any jobs in Ancient Rome. Kristin the co-editor of Dear Teen Me, an anthology based on the popular website and her next anthology, Hysteria: Writing the female body, is forthcoming from Sable Books. She is currently curating Come as You Are, an anthology of writing on 90s pop culture for ELJ Publications. Her poetry has been published worldwide in many magazines and anthologies and she is the author of eight chapbooks including A Guide for the Practical Abductee (Red Bird Chapbooks), Pray Pray Pray: Poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night (Porkbelly Press), Fire in the Sky (Grey Book Press), She Witnesses (dancing girl press), and We’re Doing Witchcraft (Hermeneutic Chaos Press). Kristin is Special Projects Manager for ELJ and is a poetry editor at Found Poetry Review. Once upon a time she worked at The New Yorker. She now lives in Austin, TX where she works as a freelance editor and is trying to trick someone into publishing her full-length collection of erasure poems based on women’s and teen magazines. She blogs at EKristinAnderson.com and tweets at @ek_anderson.


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