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AVAILABLE NOW: FLORIDA MAN by Mickey J. Corrigan. You know how it’s funny and abhorrent because it’s true? You know how you laugh until you cry by stuffing cocked pistols between your eyeballs and lids? Check out Mickey’s style here. FLORIDA MAN ~ Mickey J. Corrigan ~ $5.00 This chapbook contains 17 poems and 4 […]


AVAILABLE NOW: FACTORY GLOBE by Jamie O’Connell. These poems are a spark of coherence in the dark, jumbled drudgery of our cyber lives. Here is a taste of O’Connell’s verse.   FACTORY GLOBE ~ By Jamie O’Connell ~ $5.00 This chapbook contains 19 poems and 3 drawings Dimensions: 3 3/8ths inches by 5 inches Free Shipping on […]

POETRY REVIEW: I’m Sorry For Everything In The Whole Entire Universe by Kyle Flak

POETRY REVIEW: I’m Sorry For Everything In The Whole Entire Universe by Kyle Flak Look at that title up there. Should Mr. Flak have included the word “whole” and the word “entire”? The academy, by way of Coleridge, would say no. Mr. Flak knows how to not give a shit correctly. Poem after poem he deflates […]

POET TO NOTICE: E. Kristin Anderson

We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: E. Kristen Anderson. We hope you enjoy these two Nintendo Power erasure poems as much as we did.   WIND WHIPS THROUGH   Straightaway you choose this first course, a super stretch inside this slowing bee-line.   Over the water, your eyes watch the ice, […]

Breaking News: Grandma Moses Press available at City Lights Bookstore!

  After lengthy negotiations, a blood pact, and a few inconspicuous nods, Grandma Moses Press has made it past the great gatekeepers of City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, California. City Lights is our hero, and we are thrilled that our titles will grace its shelves. We hope to have our entire catalog available in […]


We are pleased to present our next Poet to Notice: Kyle Hemmings We hope you enjoy these three poems as much as we did.   Rooms with Broken Fans What you took from the old house: a knot of sun dresses, sandals & winter boots, five 40-watt light bulbs, a loose coil of memories. Nursing […]

Grandma Moses Press Poetry Reading in Albuquerque — July 2, 2015!

Grandma Moses Press is hosting a poetry reading in Albuquerque at Bookworks on July 2, at 7 PM. Admission is free because it’s priceless. The lineup includes The Beatlick Sisters, Tim Staley, Joaquin Fore, and Katrina Guarascio. Please join us for a night of poetry that’s not too snooty, overcooked, or boring. Here are more details on […]